Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016 represent the most important part of celebrating the baby shower. Cakes can either prolong or ruin a party as they leave a special taste to all arrived guests. We have collected the most beautiful choices to provide you with difference and unique during the choice. Your friends and other guests will love how these cakes match with the rest desserts according to baby shower theme, making a unified design. Learn more about all the fashions and trends for the cakes in 2016!

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016: Animals Theme

Firstly you should know that the chosen for baby shower celebration theme shall be implemented almost everywhere to create specific atmosphere. We say that all your presentations and cool baby shower cakes 2016 should follow certain guidelines that include colors or figures of something. For example, if you trying to implement the animals theme for baby shower, you can make accent on the specific form of future cake as it must correspond to chosen topic. Imagine if you want to use giraffe cool baby shower cakes 2016 for celebration, so the main cake must have some factors that correspond to this animal. You can make it in a brown cream and also include darker spots.

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2015

If your choice is elephant then you need to make huge cake in the form of this animal. It is not necessary to implement all the body as according to cool baby shower cakes 2016 the head with trunk will be enough. Don’t be shy to make experiments with tastes because there many other options of cool baby shower cakes 2016 according to correspondence with monkeys, zebras and even lion.

Tip: if you know the month of the future baby birth you can make accent on it during cake preparation. For example, if the baby is going to born in June, you can make a cake in a form of Crab.

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2015

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016: Fantastic forms

For our geek bodies, or the movie fans, we presented amazing and cool baby shower cakes 2016 which provide some thoughts from the world of fantastic. For example, if you know that you are going to have a boy you can order or make a cake in the form of Darth Vader helmet or other characters from the Star Wars universe.

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2015

As we know the new chapter of this movie is coming in the end of 2015 so you can make focus on our proposition or just try to implement your own cool baby shower cakes 2016 as the fantasy world is so amazing and huge. By the way in 2014 it was very fashionably to make cakes in the form of heroes from Hobbit or Hunger Games.

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016: 3-tier cakes

Cool baby shower cakes 2016 of 3-tier form actually are not easy for making, but they can ensure the best impression for all invited your guests. Such cakes have the so-called wow factor and also amazing choice in terms of tens of variants. Actually it would be better to leave its cooking to professionals as not every woman can independently deal with such huge construction and composition. Nobody prohibits to you to make the cake on your own, but be careful and watch closely our gallery to find the option for you!

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2015

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016 for Girls

As you are waiting the cutesiest princess in the world you should ensure that the baby shower cake will have all the options for its success. Usually all cakes and baby shower themes for girls are made in pink colors and shades so the main cakes shall also have all this options. Don’t be shy to implement your own thoughts or change the colors of cakes but don’t remember that colors must match to each other in cool baby shower cakes 2016.

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2015

By the way you can also make a name of a future baby on the cake of course if you want. For example the pink cake can include the red letters with the name of a future baby. It is right now very fashionably to such implementations.

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016 for Boys

Usually all baby boys cakes come in blue or dark blue color but it is not necessary to focus on our propositions. Just imagine what little boys like. For example, you can make accent on any sport games cool baby shower cakes 2016 such as football or box in order to ensure that they could stand out for guests. Also don’t forget about cartoons and comic heroes. Just imagine how it would be amazing if you will make a cake in the form of Captain America shield.

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2015

Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016 for Neutral Gender

If you still what gender your future baby will have you can choose the special variant from our cool baby shower cakes 2016 to make a great impression for guests. It is so amazing to know the baby gender in the first minute after delivery so you can focus cake cooking on different colors like blue or pink or just order the cake in the form of question mark. Don’t be shy to use your own thoughts and ideas and try to implement something really unique.

Just look to our gallery of Cool Baby Shower Cakes 2016 and find the best option for you!

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