Bumble bee baby shower: decorations, invitations, ideas, theme

Instead of creating standard baby girl shower in pink tones, you can choose bee as a source for inspiration to create palette in yellow and ivory colors with abundance of flowers with bumblebee-themed details.  As Bumble bee baby shower favor, for guests you can provide rustic honey jar as the perfect touch after ending lovely baby shower.

Bumble bee baby shower invitations

The Bumble bee baby shower invitations shall set the tone to the entire Bumble bee baby shower. They shall simple and elegant, but pay attention to its special content, as wildflower seeds imbedded directly in the paper that can really be planted. So, charming or eco-friendly design—choose your side?

Bumble bee baby shower theme

The special for Bumble bee themed baby shower represent true team effort. In this way you can make the front door in wreath style, while co-hostess Stephanie can the onesie garland with honey jar favors. Don’t forget about floral arrangements that can be made with wholesale flowers or mason jars.

Bumble bee baby shower decorations

Among other decorations you can also arrange during the party don’t forget about Bumble bee baby shower cake. You can choose the cakes that can be made in bakery studios or make by itself. Don’t forget to add yellow and brown tones for the cake to correspond to Bumble bee baby shower decorations or special fruit bees that can be bought in the supermarket.

Bumble bee baby shower ideas

As for games you can choose any possible variants for traditional baby shower games, but also you can provide an opportunity for guests to take the game such “Guess the Baby Food” as guests definitely will be happy.

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