Minnie mouse baby shower ideas: decorations, themes, invitations

Minnie mouse baby shower – a simple neighbor girl. It represents femininity, warmth and care. Her speech, movement and manners are full of surprising charm. Simple-minded and naive, Minnie is always open, friendly girl. She is polite and tactful, but in spite of the shyness, independent and full of self-esteem.

Baby shower Minnie mouse

Minnie loves fun and enjoying life in full. The talented singer, Minnie loves music and frequently something humming. Sweet and modest, she is smart and sensible to not fade in the glory of his partner, Mickey Mouse. Minnie with dignity divide the burden of popularity with Mickey, and therefore is considered to be an excellent solution in terms of baby Minnie mouse baby shower.

Minnie mouse baby shower decorations

The main colors that should be used for Minnie mouse baby shower decorations – red, pink and / or fuchsia, the color of a favorite background for peas (white and black), which is often used in small outfits of Minnie Mouse. Use these colors and / or coloring in the balloons and compositions of these decorative pompons, in paper garlands, streamers and banners. Particular attention of Minnie mouse baby shower decorations should take a paper umbrella, turntables, to the center where you can paste a range of imaging Minnie Mouse in different outfits.

Minnie mouse baby shower ideas

Minnie mouse decorations for baby shower may include huge images of Minnie Mouse and (optionally) other cartoon characters, bows of Minnie Mouse or ears of Minnie Mouse, gloved hands, painted or printed are perfect for decorating doors, walls, sweet table and, of course, for a thematic photo zone.

As additional baby Minnie mouse baby shower decorations you can use foil balloons, figures from balloons or piñata as Minnie Mouse and / or its image.

Minnie mouse baby shower favors

Outfits ideas and gifts Black ears, bow and dress with polka dots – this is the style of Minnie Mouse. Preparing for a party and we should take care of the beautiful costumes and accessories:

  1. Any dress or skirt with polka dots and obligatory bow – this is the dress code on the mouse festival.
  2. Masks of Minnie and Mickey come in handy for a photo session or a home presentation.
  3. Multi-colored bracelets, barrettes and jewelry with Minnie, these cute girl’s accessories will carry away and can be a good gift as a souvenir of the party.

Minnie mouse baby shower theme

By creating a Minnie mouse baby shower themes, it is worth remembering that we need the area to take pictures, games and treats, but the general feeling in the decoration should be cartoon and fairy-tale:

  1. Select the suspension, banners and garlands.
  2. Inflate balloons and pieces of Minnie and Mickey.
  3. On the door or wall decoration will look good from the Mickey cartoon.
  4. Chairs can be tied with satin ribbons and bows.
  5. The playing area can hang piñata with Minnie.
  6. As Minnie mouse baby shower theme you can use the pink, red and white pom-poms.

Minnie mouse baby shower invitations

Baby Minnie mouse baby shower invitations shall include pictures and elements from the cartoon universe so be sure to add them during decorating the invitations.

Minnie mouse baby shower cake ideas

Minnie mouse baby shower cakes design shall also include such elements as Minnie mouse pictures while the most preferable colors for cakes shall include pink, red and other girlish colors.

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