Nautical Baby Shower Ideas for decoration

Nautical baby shower ideas will make your holiday a real maritime event. Start with invitations, making them in a form of unique anchors and colors characteristic to the sea. In the invitations you can write the offer to guests to go on an exciting nautical journey in order to celebrate the baby shower. As one of the ideas you can use special naval cap, which guests will put on the head after the arrival to the celebration. Additionally, you can use the unique wooden boats as food trays, whereas the main emphasis should be placed on natural marine products.

nautical baby shower ideas table view

nautical baby shower ideas table view

In addition, nautical baby shower ideas can also be used to decorate the room, for example, the location of tables and chairs should be like on a cruise ship, while white, blue and red accents should prevail among the colors. You can also purchase small figures of ships and place them directly on the corners of the room or tables. On the walls you can hang pictures of fish and icebergs, which will also create the impression of staying at sea. Such baby shower ideas are so unique that will forever remain in the memory of the mother of the child and those around her.

nautical baby shower ideas for you

In terms of supply of you can use a cake in anchor decoration, while additionally you can bake cookies in the form of a dolphin to catch the attention of the guests. Nautical baby shower ideas can also include the use of blueberries and strawberries, which will dilute the theme of original colors at the correct placement. Additionally, you can still use the decorations in the form of a sea ​​flags that you can hang on the walls of the room.

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